Bonjour ! I'm

Emmanuelle Persson

aka manuchon -
graduated from Gobelins in Paris, I'm a junior interactive designer specialized in UX-UI design with a keen interest in UI animation and 3D modeling.

I worked 2 years through an apprenticeship in Essilor-Luxoticca, as an UX-UI designer, to help them design mobile app's prototypes for new products or services in design's phase (wearables, retail, …).

I also took part and helped to improve the Digital Studio, a place of exchange and learning about new subjects like deep learning, cryptocurrencies, how to pitch a project,… I also create a workshop myself on how to design a mobile app, from user stories to an interactive prototype.

After graduating, I decided it was now or never to go for some adventures and I left France to spend one year in New Zealand in a van. I learned how to take care of apple trees and I worked in a vinyard and avocado orchard. I lived in a very small space but being free to go anywhere I want. I spent some time with locals — work in exchange of food and accomodation (HelpX) and learned about New Zealand and Maori's culture. I met amazing people from all around the world, I experienced something unique.

After this fantastic year in New Zealand, it was time to go home and do what I also love: designing interfaces, experimenting new ideas and working on new inspiring projects! So I'm currently looking for a job — feel free to email me at